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Dr. Herrmann and his staff are truly the most kind and caring.

I came to them half-way through my breast cancer journey. After 3 months of chemotherapy, and with surgery and radiation still on the horizon, I was in a poor mental and physical state. I resisted the idea of having a mastectomy, and even with the assurance of reconstruction, it was not my choice to do such invasive surgery. However, after determining that it was my best chance of recovery, I went ahead with the operation, and Dr. Herrmann did the reconstruction. I have been very pleased with the results, and even more so with the care I have been given by he and his staff. They are by far, the most “customer-friendly” office that I have dealt with in this long journey. They always take to time to answer any questions or concerns, and have been very thorough in explaining my options, and what to expect as far as results. I would recommend this office to anyone desiring reconstruction after mastectomy.

My experience at Dr. Herrmann’s office was excellent.

I have reviewed and visited my fair share of Plastic Surgery offices — I was very impressed with the friendly professionalism I received from Coal Creek Plastic Surgery. Sue was wonderful organizing appointments, surgery, follow-ups and Care Credit. She even would recognize my voice when I would call, and address me by name. Dr. Herrmann was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He was able to comfortably educate my husband and me, putting our nerves at ease. Surgery is ouchy, but the team of Kim, Brian and Dr. Herrmann were very available to help with every single step of my recovery. I recommend this office highly.

Dr. Herrmann and his staff are absolutely amazing.

When I first arrive at the office for my appointments, everyone remembers my name and they are extremely friendly. I never have to wait more than five minutes to head back. Dr. Herrmann is a genius in this field and I would never see anyone else if I needed something done. He is truly passionate about what he does and makes sure his patients know all the information they need to know before making a decision. He makes you feel comfortable and you can tell he always has your best interest in mind. After my surgery, the nurse and office manager followed up with me daily to make sure I was comfortable and doing okay. If you are trying to decide on a plastic surgeon, going to Dr. Herrmann is hands down the best choice you could make.

I must have reviewed 5 plastic surgeons before meeting Dr. Herrmann (recommended by my friend).

Amazing difference in experiences. The office is wonderful. Sue was super helpful organizing the consultation and other visits. Kim the nurse and Brian the PA were friendly and professional (and fun!). Dr. Herrmann is like none of the other surgeons I met. He was calm, confident and spent over 2 hours with me and my husband, educating us. At other offices, we were lucky to see the surgeon for 20 minutes. I was anxious on the day of surgery, but the staff and doctor calmed my nerves. The surgery was a snap, and recovery has been quite quick. My breasts look beautiful — I’m showing my friends(!!!). Thank you for what you do.

I opted to have a mastectomy and choose reconstructive surgery after learning a lumpectomy was not an option for me.

I was referred to Dr. Hermann on a Tuesday, and had my operation scheduled for the following Monday. Dr. Hermann saw me on Thursday and explained in detail my options and together we made a treatment plan. He adjusted his schedule and performed his part of the process that following Monday. He and his staff are wonderful people and have given me excellent care and support. The outcome of my reconstruction has been amazing so far.

Dr. Herrmann and his staff must be one of the best plastic surgery teams in Colorado.

Sue was awesome! She always was super friendly on the phone, and really helped get my surgery organized. Ruth, the nurse, was great and very helpful. Dr. Herrmann was so calm and confident, and saw me personally at every office visit. The day of surgery was so relaxed, and I hardly had any pain after my surgery (breast enlargement). I look amazing, and my friends are calling for consults, too. Thank you. You are the best!!!!!